Welcome to our website! We were previously located in Columbus, OH but in fall 2021 relocated to southern Texas. The dogs and I previously trained at IncrediPaws with Jennifer Crank for several years, but now we are training at local facilities here in Texas in agility. I currently teach at Top Dog Training Center .We have previously dabbled in both herding and dock diving as well, when time allows. We compete actively at the highest levels of agility, and I am a 16x national agility finalist here in the United States. I have been doing agility for 16 years and have earned many titles on several different dogs and competed at several different nationals with great results. I do a mix of USDAA, UKI, and AKC agility. I have handled several dogs for friends and been successful there, too. I believe actively competing and/or training in sports gives me insight I wouldn't otherwise have in terms of producing capable and willing sport dogs, but also dogs that are able to turn off, chill out at home, and get along with other dogs, and people. I love getting to know my dogs individually and they're all so unique in their own ways! Spending time (and training) with them one on one is very key in terms of getting to know them, and how they align with the vision of my breeding program. Dogs are my first passion and agility is my second. My dogs mean the world to me, they of course, all live inside of my house and most sleep in my bed at night! Each one of them is apart of the family. My dogs are all on a minimal vaccine protocol and eat a mixture of raw and kibble depending on what works best for them. I am big into canine fitness and keeping my dogs fit and active through hiking and lots of conditioning and core strength exercises. I am hugely invested into the world of dog training as well as the world of studying Border Collies temperaments, structure and lineage and am constantly looking to learn more. I am often jokingly made fun of for knowing pedigrees like the back of my hand after many years and hours upon hours of researching lines.

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Probability took 3rd place in PSJ Finals at the Cynosport World Games in 2019 at 10 1/2 years old! He was also a PGP finalist. 


Winning (Probability X Bella) finished 7th place overall in DAM Team at the Cynosport World Games in 2019!



Nos (Probability X Bella) & Janet took 3rd Place at the 2019 AAC National Agility Championships!



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