Welcome to our website! We were previously located in Columbus, OH but in fall 2021 relocated to southern Texas. The dogs and I previously trained at IncrediPaws with Jennifer Crank for several years, but now we are training at local facilities here in Texas in agility. I currently teach at Top Dog Training Center .We have previously dabbled in both herding and dock diving as well, when time allows. We compete actively at the highest levels of agility, and I am a 18x national agility finalist here in the United States, as well as a winner of numerous regionals, cups, and classics. I have been doing agility for 18 years and have earned many titles on several different dogs and competed at several different nationals with great results. I do a mix of USDAA, UKI, and AKC agility. I have handled several dogs for friends and been successful there, too. I believe actively competing and/or training in sports gives me insight I wouldn't otherwise have in terms of producing capable and willing sport dogs, but also dogs that are able to turn off, chill out at home, and get along with other dogs, and people. I love getting to know my dogs individually and they're all so unique in their own ways! Spending time (and training) with them one on one is very key in terms of getting to know them, and how they align with the vision of my breeding program. Dogs are my first passion and agility is my second. My dogs mean the world to me, they of course, all live inside of my house and some sleep in my bed at night! Each one of them is a part of the family and my companions first and foremost. Diet and vet care are of extreme importance to me and my dogs are all well cared for and eat premium diets and receive top of the line vet care, along with maintenance for their physical care including proper conditioning, massage, and chiropractic treatments as needed. I am hugely invested into the world of dog training as well as the world of studying Border Collies temperaments, structure and lineage and am constantly looking to learn more. I am often jokingly made fun of as a "Border Collie encyclopedia" for knowing pedigrees like the back of my hand after many years and hours upon hours of researching bloodlines.


Eclipse (Solar X Ember) & Rosie made 3 podiums at the Canadian Open in 2022! 


Winning (Probability X Bella) & Morgan won the Speedstakes Final at the UKI US Open at 20s! They also won 3-dog team & Steeplechase finals at 2022 Cynosport World Games.

About Our Breeding Program

We are a performance breeder that only has a litter a year or so on average and are beginning to only breed when we would like a puppy or something back for our breeding program (which is going to be every few years). All of our dogs have their hips certified by OFA good or excellent at 24+ months and/or are PennHIP certified at a high percentile (60th+) prior to breeding and are certified BAER Normal, and are Pawprints panel DNA tested prior to breeding. We have implemented more and more health testing as new tests come out and will constantly continue to do so. Our ultimate goal is to breed dogs that are healthy and have sound bodies and minds, great temperaments, biddable attitudes and amazing work ethics. We also breed for a solid jumping ability and the ability to turn well and jump fluidly. We have no issue pulling something from our breeding program that is not contributing to our overall image of what we're trying to produce. We strive to produce something that we would be proud and happy to walk in the ring with and train on regular basis. So far, we have gotten that and I don't expect anything less in the future. I have put hours upon hours of extensive research into pedigrees and lineage. I have a very in depth database of dogs related to mine and from lines I am interested in and I am constantly adding to that database. I adore Border Collies and I have often said I will never own another breed. I swear every second of my spare time is put into researching the breed and learning more about the breed and breeding in general. I don't feel you can ever know it all. 

If you are interested in a breeding please contact me with any questions you may have. I will try to reply to you as quickly as I can and provide you any and all information you are asking for. I do not take deposits until a female is confirmed pregnant and the puppies are born as I don't breed frequently enough to have a back up plan if the breeding doesn't take. I have a deposit contract that I will ask you to fill out and mail to me along with a deposit once the puppies are about a week old. All of my litters are AKC and/or ABCA registered.

All of my litters are raised inside of my house and are constantly monitored and checked on. My puppies are born in a bedroom where they are relatively isolated to keep dam and babies safe and happy. However at a few weeks old puppies when puppies start opening their eyes and hearing they are moved into a room where they are involved in every day life and completely exposed to many different sights and sounds this way. We have our laptop near their pen going constantly with many random, every day sounds playing pretty loudly so the puppies can get used to them. I do ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) with all of my litters from day 3 to day 16.  All of our puppies are socialized heavily and exposed to many different sights and sounds at a young age. My puppies are socialized with MANY different people (kids and adults) from an early age. My goal typically is for the puppies to meet around 100 different people before leaving my home. All of my puppies are exposed to crate training before they leave and they generally start sleeping in crates around 7 weeks, they are also taken on car rides and in crates in the car as well several times before they leave. This gives them a great start of getting used to being in a crate for an extended amount of time. We start building food and toy drive in our puppies prior to them going home, as well. We work on clicker training, basic recalls and tug drive starting around 5 weeks. They are also exposed to harnesses and leashes and begin getting use to walking on them. They see wobble boards and baby agility equipment and get used to being on many different surfaces. All of my puppies are raised on Puppy Culture protocol and I have found it makes them well adjusted and mentally sound dogs as they grow older. Puppies are dewormed at 2, 4, 6, and 7.5 weeks and BAER tested prior to leaving for their new homes. I follow the Jean Dodd vaccination protocol which includes minimal vaccinations with my puppies and adult dogs. My puppies are raised on a mixture of raw and high quality kibble (In the past it has been Orijen, but we are feeding Open Farm to our litters at this time) that has the most balanced levels in it I could find to help increase their chances of developing normal, healthy bodies. They are also sent home with microchips I advise be placed in by your veterinarian around 6-10 months of age as it helps to ensure the chips don't migrate based on our own personal experience and a binder which includes all of the health clearances and vet checks the puppies have received. Our puppies are carefully assessed from birth until 7 weeks so we can decide who would be the best fit for each puppy. We like to mutually decide on a puppy with a potential puppy owner so everyone is happy in the end. :-) We encourage everyone of our puppy buyers to come out to Columbus and meet us and all of the dogs when you pick up your puppy. We do not ship our puppies but highly encourage people to fly and get their puppies and fly them back in cabin or I am absolutely able to fly the puppy out to you in cabin. It makes it much easier on the puppies to be escorted by a human the entire way. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. I am happy to answer any and all questions you may have. 

​Morgan Hanson