RockIt Rule Breaker

Breaker is a super handsome and very spotty red and white tri color male born on May 14, 2016 weighing 14 oz from our breeding of Probability X Kahlua. He is a very outgoing boy that is in everyone's business at all times. He was a very serious puppy in the litter but since leaving has discovered his sense of humor and is quite the comedian as well but is a very intense worker. Breaker is owned and adored by Rosalind G. in Louisiana and will be doing agility. We cannot wait to watch Breaker mature and we think he will be amazing due to Rosalind's fabulous training!!

Titles: CGC, NAJ, NA, NF, OAJ, OA, OF, AXJ, AX
2019 AKC National Championship Qualifier

Registered: AKC & ABCA
Health Testing 
Eyes checked normal in 2016
BAER Normal
IGS Normal by parentage
​MDR1 Normal by parentage
OFA Hips Pending Age

​All photos after 8 weeks are credited to Taylor & Rosalind G.