Ember is a stunning little red and white tri-color split face female. She was given to us by one of our good friends due to her going through some life changes. I had kept an eye on Ember for a long while before this opportunity came up and had even discussed leasing her with her previous owner. We are so happy this girl could come live with us. She is everything we had hoped for and so much more. She is toy crazy, very happy and LOVES to please and work yet has the ability to maintain her composure and thoughtfulness while working. She is most definitely a thinker in everything she does and is very much a problem solver. She is a huge cuddler as well and has a great off switch in the house. She is incredibly gentle and nurturing with children and elderly and that is probably a huge reason she is also a great mother. She is a very kind natured little girl. She is also a nice, fluid mover and has a beautiful jumping style as well with a natural arch and adds strides in very willingly for collection. She is very eager to please and wants nothing more than praise and to be correct. The nicest thing about her is how incredibly stable she is mentally. Nothing seems to phase her. Ember trained in agility in her younger days with both me and my dad, but my dad had no real desire to trial in agility. She has been such a joy and a blessing in our lives. I can not say enough thanks to her previous owner for allowing her to come here. Ember is producing some very nice puppies so far that are extremely eager to please and driven. They have wonderful, outgoing temperaments and very nice, balanced structure. If you would like any additional information about Ember (such as her pedigree, video, ect) please contact me and I would be more than happy to send it to you.
Ember is owned by my dad (Mike Hanson) and lives with him, but all of her paperwork and breeding decisions were solely mine. 
Ember sadly passed away in late 2021. She is so incredibly missed. We are eternally grateful for all she gave us and the constant companionship and love she provided. We love you, Embee.
Health Clearances
OFA Hips: Good
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Carrier
(As long as Ember is bred to a CEA Normal dog she will never produced any affected puppies.)
TNS: Normal 
MDR1: Normal
IGS: Normal
CL: Normal

Additional information about Ember
Height: 19 3/4"
Weight: 40 pounds
Registered: AKC & ABCA
Sire: SH Man Of Blue
Dam: Legacy's Abigaile
Titles: CGC
Ember is retired from breeding and will be spayed in late 2018, her lines will be carried on through her daughters London and Kinky.

Ember's Previous Litters
(Ember had one accidental litter at a young age with her previous owner prior to coming to us. All of her litters since are listed below)
x Super Sun "Solar" (May 26, 2016 - 5 females, 2 males)
x PSF Boston's Own Captain "Tek" (March 8, 2017 - 4 females, 4 males)