OffOn Perfect Odds

Exact is my long awaited puppy. He is everything I asked for and so, so much more - even if it wasn't exactly what I could handle. I wasn't totally ready for a puppy when I sent my deposit to his breeders but it's so funny how things work out and I have ZERO regrets. Exact is a dog that loves everything about life, every day is a new party and should be lived to the absolute fullest. He is full of energy and enthusiasm all the time and really is on the go 24/7 - sleeping is simply not a thing if there is anything going on he has to be right in the middle of it! He is ready to do anything, anytime, any place. I have to admit, for as out going as Exact is, he is also the politest, sweetest, and most gentle dog. I trust him with anything from toddlers to any kind of dog he is always very sweet and kind. Exact only knows how to go one speed and that is FULL speed ALL THE TIME even when asked to do the smallest tasks! Exact is my sidekick in everything I do and wherever I am he is right beside me. He is such a special, cool, loving soul with the ability to make anyone's day just a little bit brighter with his silly antics and animated personality. Exact debuted in agility right at 15 months and we realized shortly after we had a LOT of training to do so we went back to just training after a few months of trialing. Exact is very hard on his body and very reckless and after some major health problems of my own, and him being diagnosed with HD, we have decided to retire him from agility for the safety of both of us. He is definitely the dog most likely to wipe me out during his runs and also take himself out in the process! Self preservation is not his strong suit. Exact still occasionally does agility at home in a less exciting setting and dabbles in dock diving and lots of hiking, but mostly is just an active pet. Exact now living his best life along side Ember with my dad in Florida. If you would like any additional information about Exact (such as his pedigree, video, ect) please contact me and I would be more than happy to send it to you.

Exact's Accomplishments:
2015 UKI US Open Qualifier (did not attend)

Health Clearances 
OFA Hips: Mild Hip Dysplasia
BAER: Normal
CEA: Normal by parentage
​Exact will never be bred.

Additional information about Exact
DOB: March 6, 2013
Height: 20.50 inches
Weight: 47 pounds
Registered: AKC & ABCA
Sire: Ignited OffOn Sooner Or Later
Dam: Imp. Millie
​Titles: NA, NAJ
Exact is retired from competing in agility.

Exact's hip x-rays (done at 3.5 years old)

Exact's hip x-rays (done at 3.5 years old)