Update 4/23: London has been confirmed pregnant with at least 5 puppies via ultrasound. Puppies are expected May 24th.

This litter is being raised in Toronto, Canada with London's owner.


About Kai & London

Kinloch Kai is from Angie Driscoll's fantastic breeding of Kinloch Penny X Kevin Evan's Jimmy. Kai is a wonderfully tempered and stylish working dog. He gets along well with all dogs and people and is off a remarkable bloodline. He is also the father of our girl, Tipsy, who we absolutely love! Kai is a 3/4 sibling to Margaret Lambkin's Jive, who has produced some remarkable puppies such as Naci Berkoz Annie, Tim Mitchell's Venom, and Tawni Millet's Little Sparkle. Kai is also a 1/2 sibling to the amazing and well known, Kinloch Levi, who is producing some remarkable puppies in the agility world. Kai consistently produces well tempered puppies that are driven, focused, and very biddable. Kai's puppies are excelling at open trial dogs as well as agility dogs. Kai brings a lot to the table for London and we cannot wait to see what this cross produces. 

London is from our breeding of Tek X Ember. London is a fantastic, athletic, and super well tempered dog. She has never met a stranger, dog or human, and has one of the most bomb proof temperaments I've ever witnessed on a Border Collie! London is a very resilient dog mentally and doesn't get in her own head at all. She is very stable and hard working. She is a quick learner and very biddable, I wouldn't consider her soft, but also wouldn't describe her as a hard dog at all. London is a little bit on the busy side, so we have made an effort to pair her to dogs that are very easy to live with and very calm in nature and so far London's offspring are completely reflecting that effort! Her puppies from her first litter in 2020 are turning heads everywhere they go and are level headed, hard working, and fantastically built puppies. We are closely watching the maturity of her puppies to decide if we move forward on this breeding. London is a 1/2 sibling to Teri O'Neils impressive boy, Loco, who has been on the Canadian EO team. She is also the niece of Susan Garrett's impressive boy, Swagger. London is related to some seriously amazing agility dogs and is no exception herself!

We expect highly competitive performance prospects from this breeding who are also great companions. We expect this breeding to produce amazing puppies that are very athletic, and they should have a lot to offer as performance dogs, but also be enjoyable to live alongside.

Black and white and Blue Merle puppies can be produced with and without tri-color. Both smooth and rough coats can be produced.
Puppies will be AKC registered.
All of these puppies will be normal with CEA/CH, TNS and IGS Normal since London & Kai are normal and unaffected by MDR1, DM, IGS, NCL, SN, MC, CTII-A, DH, EAOD, G&G since London is normal.

Please contact me for more information. 

London's 1/2 Brother

Kai's Sire