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London is a very beautiful, white factored red merle female born on March, 8 2017 weighing 12 oz from our breeding of Tek X Ember. This girl is an absolutely amazing dog! She has an awesome, outgoing, sweet and loving temperament with plenty of drive and loads of biddability, too. She has absolutely amazing structure as well and is incredibly well balanced. London is a beautiful jumper that can extend well and collect equally well. She has a massive stride length but willingly shortens it when necessary in agility. She has a great amount of drive but also has the ability to keep her composure when working which is extremely important to us. London is owned and adored by Victoria Davis and co-owned by me for future breedings. She will be doing agility in the Toronto area and is going to be making lots of visits down into the states when time allows! It's been a real treat to watch Victoria and London grow as a team in agility and they're truly amazing! If you would like any additional information about London (such as her pedigree, video, ect) please contact me and I would be more than happy to send it to you.

Health Clearances
OFA Hips: Prelim Excellent & Final Hips Excellent
BAER: Normal
​Eyes checked normal at 8 weeks
CEA/CH: Normal
TNS: Normal
MDR1: Normal
DM: Normal
IGS: Normal
NCL: Normal
SN: Normal

Mytonia Cogentia: Normal

Cystinuria Type II-A: Normal

DH: Normal

EAOD: Normal

Goniodysgenesis & Glaucoma: Normal

Additional information about London
DOB: March 8, 2017
Height: 19 1/2"
Weight: 35 lbs.
Registered: AKC
Sire: PSF Boston's Own Captain Tek FMX
Dam:  Ember CGC
​Titles: NA, NF, ADC

London's Hips (Done at 17 mo)

London's Hips (Done at 17 mo)