About Our Dogs

This page is dedicated to our dogs who are very, very important to us. All of our dogs are our companions first and foremost and then they are performance dogs and then breeding dogs. All of our dogs are dogs live inside and most sleep in our bed at night. We live on a few acres of land where the dogs can run supervised when they are taking time off from agility. All of my dogs get trained in agility several times a week. My dogs also enjoy going herding when we're not training and trialing in agility. My dogs occasionally go hiking with me in our spare time, and it really allows all of us to decompress. My breeding dogs undergo extensive health, temperament and structure evaluation prior to even being considering for breeding. I like to ensure they're worth breeding and that their health, temperaments and structures are something I would like to see in many generations to come. I myself like a high drive dog that is very outgoing socially, appropriate with other dogs, friendly with people, but also biddable in any and all situations as they still need to "think" in high pressure environments. I prefer dogs that are able to think through their drive first and foremost. All of my breeding dogs are very social, friendly and outgoing and can preform well in high pressure situations and that is what I would like to see being produced for many generations to come. My breeding dogs are also heavily health tested prior to breeding. At the very minimum our breeding dogs have their hips checked through OFA (Good or Excellent rating) and/or PennHIP (50th+ percentile), DNA tested for all genetic diseases for Border Collies through Paw Prints Genetics when not clear by parentage, and BAER tested. Please click each dog's individual page to learn more about their personalities, accomplishments, health testing and breeding plans. If you have any questions or comments about my dogs please do not hesitate to contact me.

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