Height: 19"
OFA Hips: OFA Good
​OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal (2011)
BAER: Normal
TNS: Normal 
CEA/CH: Normal
​MDR1: Normal
IGS: Normal
Jijin's Blowin' Ewe Away SG SJ

Height: 19 5/8"
CERF: Normal (2011)
CEA/CH: Normal by parentage
Probability x Amazing
This litter was a complete accidental breeding. I was away from home and Amazing AKA Zing broke out of her kennel and Probability AKA Pro was able to break out of his and somehow in the process my other dog, Bailey opened one of the bedroom doors that was in between Zing and Pro's crates and Zing and Pro were able to breed at that time. We are very disappointed that this litter was ever able to happen as Zing is far from the type of dog who should ever reproduce considering her temperament and the health issues her littermate had. We made the best out of a very poor situation and I have no one but myself to blame for this and now all dogs are locked up when I am not home and dogs are in season and more than one door is kept between my males and females! I am very thankful to Zing's co-owners for being reasonable through out this entire process and it was a big lesson learned. Everyone in this litter went to performance homes and I am constantly in contact with all of the puppy owners. They have all turned out to be gorgeous and sweet dogs that make their owners very happy.

This litter was born naturally on March 9, 2012.  
There were 4 females and 2 males in this litter.
 Their litter theme was Designer Brands. 
The females puppies were: Gucci who is now Raise, Dolce who is now Taboo, Chanel who is now Casey, & Gabbana who is now Stevie. 
The Male puppies were: Prada who is now Bokan, and Louis Vuitton who is now Aleo. 
Raise, Taboo, Stevie, and Aleo are all black & white with tri markings and Bokan and Casey are black & white.
All of the puppies went to their forever homes. 
This litter is CEA normal by parentage and unaffected with TNS, MDR1 and IGS since Probability is normal.
These puppies are AKC registered.

All photos post 8 weeks are credited to the puppy's owners.
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