Height: 19"
OFA Hips: OFA Good
​OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal (2011)
BAER: Normal
TNS: Normal 
CEA/CH: Normal
​MDR1: Normal
IGS: Normal

Height: 18"
OFA Hips: Excellent
CERF: Normal (2012)
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Carrier
(Since Pro is a CEA Normal dog no affected puppies can be produced.)
CL: Normal

TNS: Carrier
(Since Pro is a TNS Normal dog no affected puppies can be produced.)
IGS: Normal
MDR1: Normal
DM: Normal
NCL: Normal
Probability X Kahlua
We expected and got puppies that are medium to high drive from this breeding with nice off switches when they aren't working. Probability (AKA Pro) and Kahlua are a good compliment to each other all around. From structurally, to temperament wise, I believe they are solid compliments. I believe these puppies have the potential to be incredible performance dogs and great, relaxed dogs inside the house too that make wonderful, active companions with very outgoing and upbeat temperaments. Kahlua and Pro are both incredibly stable mentally and physically. They have awesome temperaments. Pro is a fast footed, athletic, hard working boy. He bends over backwards to please. Pro has not only be a phenomenal, successful agility dog for me but he's also been a wonderful companion. He's a very sweet, cuddly boy inside the house that is really laid back but the second you ask him to do something he is very driven and enthusiastic about it. He enjoys hiking and playing fetch just as much as he likes doing agility. Pro puts his heart into anything I want to do with him and I am incredibly thankful to have a dog that loves doing things with me so much. He has never met a stranger, dog or human and overall has a lovely temperament. Kahlua is an incredible little agility dog owned by a friend of ours. She is VERY quick on her feet and is an effortless jumper. She learns very quickly but does want to do things at warp speed all the time. She is equally toy and food driven but is truthfully content to be working more than anything. Kahlua settles relatively easy in the house but does like having a job too and things to do as she is a bit on the busy side. Click on Pro and Kahlua's names above to view their individual pages for more information regarding them, their health clearances. This is Kahlua's first litter and Pro's 4th litter. You can view more information about Pro's offspring on his page where all of his litters and offspring are listed. Pro is consistently producing his fast feet, biddable and outgoing temperaments and extreme athleticism and endless desire to please. We are very impressed with his previous puppies and have very high hopes for this litter.

Our friend, Becky, owns the dam to this litter however, it was raised by me and all puppies are registered with my kennel prefix (RockIt). Kahlua had come in season several months early and Becky was not able to raise the litter with her work schedule. I offered that I could do it instead so, so here we are! Thank you to Becky for trusting her with me. She has been a pleasure to live with and work with and have these amazing puppies from.

This litter was born with ease naturally on May 14, 2016.
There was 1 female and 4 males.
Their litter theme was tropical islands!
The Female puppy is: Maui who is now Tyche.
The Male puppies are: Fiji who is now Danzing, Tahiti who is now Maitai, Bora Bora who is now Breaker and Bali who is now Emoji.
All of these puppies went to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age.
This litter is MDR1 and IGS Normal by parentage. Puppies are unaffected with CEA, TNS, DM, NCL and CL.
These puppies were BAER tested normal and had their eyes checked normal. They were all sent home with microchips.
These puppies are dual registered with AKC and ABCA.
All of these puppies were sold on non-breeding contracts and limited registration, so none will be bred.

All photos post 8 weeks are credited to the puppy's owners.
To learn more about Kahlua and Pro please click their names listed above. 

The puppies are listed in their birth order.
To learn more about the puppies please click their names below to go to their individual pages. 

Probability x Kahlua PUPPY VIDEOS