Probability X London

London gave birth to 8 Probability puppies on January 25, 2020!

RockIt Beating The Odds "Probability" x RockIt Piccadilly Circus "London"

Height: 19"
OFA Hips: OFA Good
​OFA Elbows: Normal
CERF: Normal (2011)
BAER: Normal
TNS: Normal 
CEA/CH: Normal
​MDR1: Normal
IGS: Normal

Height: 19 1/2"
OFA Hips: OFA Excellent
Eyes checked normal in 2017
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Normal 
TNS: Normal
MDR1: Normal 
DM: Normal 
NCL: Normal 
SN: Normal 
IGS: Normal 

About Probability & London

Probability is our foundation stud dog, he is a black tri-color boy that has proven him self as a very successful stud dog in very limited litters. Pro is the father of my amazing girl, Winning, and Helen Kurz's talented boy, Krush, he is also the father of Judy Hudson's Roux and Rosalind Guillet's youngster, Breaker. Pro also has a few cousins on a couple different Canadian world teams that are fabulous dogs. Pro is a fast footed, athletic, hard working boy. He bends over backwards to please. Pro has not only be a phenomenal, successful agility dog for me but he's also been a wonderful companion. He's a very sweet, cuddly boy inside the house that is really laid back but the second you ask him to do something he is very driven and enthusiastic about it. He enjoys hiking and playing fetch just as much as he likes doing agility. Pro puts his heart into anything I want to do with him and I am incredibly thankful to have a dog that loves doing things with me as much as Pro does. He is game for anything, anytime, any place - he absolutely loves spending time with his humans. He has never met a stranger, dog or human and overall has a lovely, outgoing temperament. Pro consistently produces his drive and biddability in his puppies, his puppies are not over the top high drive, but their work ethics are incredible. Pro has been in over ten national finals in the United States and consistently places in the top dogs at big events. He won his first regional championship at just 3 years old and has continued to make podiums since. He has been able to keep his head at big events and perform in exciting and stressful situations regularly. He is a very accomplished agility dog accomplishing everything I ever set out to with him. If I wanted it and worked hard for it, Pro achieved it. The potential has always been endless with him! He is an honest partner who does his job when given the right information 100% of the time. Pro does tend to throw puppies on the soft side, but I feel that will be a good match into London's line who runs a bit tough at times. Pro is just under 19" tall and 35 pounds. Pro seems to consistently produce slightly bigger than he is in his puppies.

London is a stunning red merle girl from our first breeding of Tek X Ember. London, along with all 11 of her full siblings, are phenomenal dogs that are extremely athletic, outgoing, and well tempered. London is built beautifully with nice angles, a lovely topline, lots of balance, and a very long back and neck, she leaves very little to be desired, her temperament is impeccable, she is a stunning jumper, and such a loving, loyal companion, too. London's sire, Tek, is a 1/2 brother to Susan Garrett's amazing boy, Swagger. London is a half sibling through Tek, to Teri O'Neill's amazing youngster, Loco who has turned countless heads on an international level in agility. London's pedigree is phenomenal and she is just as amazing! She learns quickly and easily and has a great deal of drive. She is neither soft nor super hard headed, but is resilient and willing to fix things when asked. London has never met a stranger (dog or human) in her life, she is very social and friendly, yet appropriate and gentle with elderly and children. London is one of the most bomb proof Border Collies I've ever met and has never shied away from much of anything. She is a beautiful natural jumper with very fast feet and is very flexible and bendy too while jumping, she also has a decent amount of power. London is 19.5" tall and is 35 pounds. 

Videos of many Pro puppies along with London's half and full siblings can be found here.

To say we're excited to see what Pro and London produce together would be an understatement! Pro and London share so many amazing qualities such as their stable, outgoing temperaments and fluid, nice jumping styles and quick footed movement. They're also fantastic compliments in some aspects, too. These puppies should be very well tempered, biddable, hard working, and capable performance dogs and companions that have great off switches. 

This litter was born on January 25, 2020 naturally with ease.
There are 2 females and 6 males.
Their litter theme is Gambling as a dedication to their father, Probability.
There female puppies are: Bet and Roulette
The male puppies are: Action, Wager, Joker, Dealer, Jackpot, and Gamble.

All of these puppies will have their hips x-rayed per my contract when age appropriate.
These puppies are AKC registered with limited registration.

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All of these puppies will be CEA/CH, TNS, MDR1, and IGS Normal by parentage and unaffected with NCL, SN, and DM since London is normal.

(All London photo credit to Victoria, London's owner)