Puppies go home at 8 weeks of age and are well adjusted and exposed to various people, sights, and sounds prior to leaving my possession. Puppies undergo a full, document veterinary exam prior to leaving. They're also visited by many experienced dog agility competitors who assist me with their input with temperament evaluations.

Please understand environment and training has a great deal of influence on how a puppy turns after 8 weeks of age which is up to the new owner. Selections for puppies are made strictly based on temperament and disposition, though we will always try our best to stay within your 'preferences' described above.

Please give me a few days to review your application and you will hear from me shortly!


Also, Please understand I do the best I can to honor people's preferences for gender, coat type, and color, but I usually stand by the rule of pick one and I can usually get a good fit for your lifestyle. The more demanding someone is on the gender, coat type, and color the less likely it is a puppy will be available for you.