Ridi will not be bred until spring of 2020.



RockIt That's Just Ridiculous

Height: 19"
OFA Hips: OFA Excellent
Eyes checked normal in 2014
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Normal 
TNS: Normal
MDR1: Normal 
DM: Normal 
NCL: Normal 
SN: Normal 
IGS: Normal 

About Ridi
Ridiculous AKA Ridi is from our breeding of Probability X Bella. Ridi, along with all of her littermates, are amazingly athletic dogs with equally amazing temperaments. All of the Probability X Bella puppies are amazing jumpers, VERY bendy and have natural turning abilities in agility, easy to live with, super kind natured and have amazing work ethics with immense amounts of loyalty, focus, drive and biddability.  Ridi's sire, Pro, is a decently accomplished agility dog who has several placements at nationals in the US and regional championship wins. Pro is also a close relative to a couple Canadian agility world team members. Ridi's mother, Bella, is a littermate to Ocean who produced Diane Sander's impressive youngster, Grit and Perry DeWitt's Verb. The Probability x Bella puppies health clearances are all turning out well and their overall health is wonderful to add to them being incredibly athletic and well tempered. Ridi is no exception to any of this! Ridi is quite the comedian and has a very animated personality. She loves everyone and everything and is appropriately known as a Walmart greeter because of her fabulous and outgoing temperament. Ridi is a beautiful jumper and is extremely flexible. She has a natural arch in her jumping that makes her look very smooth. She has some eerily similar characteristics to her sire, Probability (AKA Pro) and we absolutely adore her for it. She moves very well and looks so effortless and has incredibly nice, well balanced structure that allows for it. Ridi can work all day if you ask her but the second you bring her inside she will contently chill out. Ridi gets along with everyone and everything extremely well and has an incredible temperament. There is not much we would change about this girl she is quite honestly the whole package.

We expect high drive puppies with amazing, bomb proof temperaments and off switches out of Ridi. We expect Ridi to produce amazing puppies that are very athletic, and they should have a lot to offer as performance dogs.

Black and white puppies are expected.
Puppies will be AKC and ABCA registered. They will be BAER tested before they go to their forever homes and will be sent home with microchips.
All of these puppies will be unaffected with CEA/CH, TNS, MDR1, IGS, NCL, SN, and DM since Ridi is normal.

Please contact me for more information.


Videos of Ridi's relatives.

More videos are available upon request.

Click here to view Ridi's sire, Probability. 

Click here to view Ridi's littermate, Winning.