Height: 21"
OFA Hips: Good
OFA Elbows: Normal
PennHIP: 90th Percentile
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Normal by parentage
Thyroid tested normal.


Height: 19 3/4"
OFA Hips: Good
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Carrier
(Ember was bred to a CEA Normal dog so none of these puppies are affected but could be CEA carriers.)
TNS: Normal 
MDR1: Normal
IGS: Normal
CL: Normal
Solar X Ember
We expected medium to high drive puppies from this breeding that are very biddable and easy to live with. We are really excited to see how these puppies mature but so far we are pretty happy with them. Solar is an amazing compliment to Ember and brings a lot to the table for her. Structurally he gives her what she is lacking and overall they make a wonderful match in terms of temperament and drive. Solar and Ember are both beautiful, natural jumpers that are very flexible and turn with ease. They are both very biddable and easy to live with and train. They have great temperaments from top to bottom and are what we would describe as bomb proof. Solar is an extremely well accomplished agility dog that has turned heads all over the world for a number of reasons! He is amazing all around, as are many of his litter mates and now his offspring too. We have really loved Solar for a very long time and we are very fortunate this breeding was able to happen. Ember is a very stable, yet intense girl that knows no stranger dog or human. She loves with her whole being and really enjoys doing things that are asked of her. She is easy to live with and very easy to train. She is a nice little agility dog but her first love is definitely herding where she has immense eye and drive. Click on Solar and Ember's names above to view their individual pages for more information regarding them, their health clearances. Solar is not only a proven agility agility dog but is becoming a very proven stud dog too. He consistently produces his high drive, biddable, loving and outgoing temperament and extreme athleticism and natural jumping ability. We are very excited to see how these puppies turn out and we have very high hopes for them.

This litter was born with ease naturally on May 26, 2016.
There are 5 females and 2 males.
Their litter theme was The Incredibles.
The Female puppies are: Violet who is now known as Kenai, Voyage who is now known as Imagine, Honey who is now known as Kona, Elastigirl who is now known as Ziva, and Mirage who is now known as Reese.
The Male puppies were: Dash who stayed Dash and Mr. Incredible who is now known as Eclipse
Puppies are unaffected with CEA/CH since Solar is normal.
Puppies are also unaffected with CL, TNS, MDR1, and IGS since Ember is normal.

All photos post 8 weeks are credited to the puppy's owners.
These puppies were all BAER tested normal and their eyes were checked and normal prior to going home.
These puppies were all sent home with microchips.
All of these puppies will have their hips x-rayed per my contract when age appropriate.
These puppies are AKC registered.
I retained breeding rights on 3 of these puppies (Imagine, Ziva and Eclipse) and have ultimately decided none of them will be bred as they do not contribute to the overall vision I am striving for in my breeding program.

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Solar X Ember Puppy Videos