RockIt But That's None of My Business

Tea is an absolutely stunning, flashy blue merle tri-color female born on May 24, 2021 from our breeding which we co-bred with London's owner, Victoria, of Kinloch Kai X London. Tea is an extremely well rounded puppy that is not overdone in any regard. She is bold and confident, but also thoughtful and biddable. She loves to tug and play as well as work for food, she is very quick to problem solve and figure things out. She has beautiful, well balanced structure and possesses amazing qualities from both of her parents. Given her stacked pedigree and great start on life, she is sure to take the world by storm! She will be doing agility in the Toronto area with her owner, Victoria, and alongside her mama, London!

Health Clearances

OFA Hips: Preliminary good, finals pending age

Shoulders: Pending age

BAER: Normal

CEA/CH: Normal

TNS: Normal

MDR1: Normal

DM: Normal

IGS:  Normal

EAOD: Normal

SN: Normal

DH: Normal

Goniodysgenesis & glaucoma: Normal

Cystinuria Type II-A: Normal

Myotonia Congenita: Normal

Additional information about Tea
Height: 20"
Weight: 32 lbs
Registered: AKC
Sire: Kinloch Kai
Dam: Rockit Piccadilly Circus NA NF ADC
Titles: TKN

Tea's Hips (Done at 14 months)

Tea's Hips (Done at 14 months)