Tek X Ember

Height: 20 1/2"
OFA Hips: OFA Good
CERF: Normal (2012)
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Normal ​
Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S, FDCh-G, FM, FMX
Height: 19 3/4"
OFA Hips: Good
BAER: Normal
CEA/CH: Carrier  
(As long as Ember is bred to a CEA Normal dog she will never produced any affected puppies.)
TNS: Normal 
MDR1: Normal
IGS: Normal
CL: Normal
Titles: CGC
About Tek & Ember
Tek is an awesome tempered, super talented and ridiculously athletic boy. Tek is actively doing flyball and doing it very well posting sub 4 times consistently. Tek is an excellent dog, with an equally great attitude. He gets along with everyone, all of the time and is very easy to live with. He is a very athletic, willing dog that doesn't have to be asked to do something twice. He has very fast feet and has a great deal of drive without being over the top. Tek's pedigree is simply amazing and he goes back to some very exceptional performance dogs. His sire is a well known producer of incredible agility dogs (one being Susan Garrett's Swagger). Tek's mother also made some seriously amazing agility dogs that have been on the Canadian Agility World Teams and have set record times in flyball. We feel Tek is a wonderful compliment to Ember and we are thankful Tek's owners are allowing for this breeding to take place.

Ember is an incredible little girl. She has an amazing attitude and go with the flow type temperament. She loves with her entire being and has a huge heart. She gets along with everyone and everything. Ember has loads of herding instinct but is also a very nice, level headed agility dog. She learns quickly and easily. She is naturally a very nice jumper and pretty flexible overall and can turn nicely. Ember has an endless desire to please and is a nice, biddable and quick learning girl. This will be Ember's second litter here with us and likely her final one. 

We expect medium to high drive puppies with stable temperaments and amazing work ethics. 

This litter was born on March 8, 2017.
There are 4 females and 4 males.
Their litter theme is the 60s!
The Female puppies are: Hippie who stayed Hippie, Vintage who is now known as Kinky, Peace who is now known as Jade and Fab who is now known as London.
The Male puppies are: Groovy who is now known as Excel, Retro who is now known as Voltage, Gnarly who stayed Gnarly and Disco who is now known as Hpnotiq.

Puppies are unaffected with CEA/CH since Tek is normal.
Puppies are also unaffected with CL, TNS, MDR1, and IGS since Ember is normal.

All photos post 8 weeks are credited to the puppy's owners.
These puppies were all BAER tested normal prior to going home.
These puppies were all sent home with microchips.
All of these puppies will have their hips x-rayed per my contract when age appropriate.
These puppies are AKC registered.
I have retained breeding rights on Kinky and London from this litter.

Please click the text below each photo to be taken to each dog's individual page.

All of these puppies are spoken for.
Please contact me for more information or you can e-mail rockitagility@aol.com.